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Drawing inspiration from master painters of the seventeenth century, English photographer, Gail Timms crafts her photography combining the Chiaroscuro principle and often using Rembrandt lighting.


She painstakingly plans from the initial ideas, following them through to the final piece of art focusing on every tiny detail of the image. Gail finds her inspirations in ordinary walks of life but puts an historical twist on her images combining old with new.


Attracted to the stories told on the old paintings Gail found a passion for creating images with depth and texture.


Gail literally fell into photography after a riding accident and began taking photographs of her grandchildren and horses, but the creativity took over as she found a love of the Masters and wanted to fill that urge to create timeless images.


Using layers and textures Gail creates timeless images with bringing a touch of the past back to life.


Artistry commissions are taken. Please email me or 07870-355553 to start your journey into timeless imagination, 

All sessions are unique.

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